Staycation Part 2

In Italy, I shamelessly ate chocolate filled pastries for breakfast every single day for 3 weeks.

As we check out of the hotel, I notice a lot of people across the road and remember that there is a weekly Sunday market here. We haven’t had breakfast, so I dash out across the road to see what delights I can find. No chocolate filled pastries, but I do manage to find an almond croissant dusted with icing sugar. Oh yes! It was divine!

With breakfast taken care of, we head to the first activity I have planned. The traditional wedding anniversary gift for 11 years is steel, so today, we are going axe throwing!

We arrive at Sweet Axe Throwing. We sign our lives away with the waiver form, go through a health and safety briefing and then the lessons begin. There are 3 different axes and we are shown how to throw each of them. Each requires a different technique. There are also option for throwing with 1 or 2 hands. Our “Axe-pert” patiently helps us with our techniques as we discover what works best for us. Daniel and I both even manage to get some axes on the board.

With music pumping and training complete, the tournament can now begin. We each choose our axe and line up. The battle begins. Daniel wins this round. And then the next round. Daniel was initially not looking forward to this as he’s a bit uncoordinated with his throwing but as he realizes his competition is not that tough, he starts to enjoy it more.

We then have a 3 minute quick fire competition, who can get the most points in 3 minutes. I tell you what, axe throwing is pretty physical! I am completely “axe-hausted” at the end of it. And Daniel wins again.

Last round. Winner takes all. This is my chance. Throw after throw, my axes connect with the board while Daniel’s drop to the ground. I am in the lead, this is looking good. But then I miss a couple and Daniel gets a couple of high scores.

It’s our last throw. Daniel steps up to the line. His axe soars through the air and makes contact. He scores and is now in the lead. I just need 1 point to draw, 2 points for the win. I just need to put the axe on the board and we will walk away as equals. I step up to the mark, line up my throw, draw back my arm….. My axe flies through the air, it hits the board and bounces off.

Game over.

Even though I couldn’t walk away as winner, it was so much fun. It’s always nice to do something a bit different.

With all that axe throwing, we have worked up an appetite so we head out to the Hutt Valley to Gorilla Burger. It’s another lovely sunny day and we enjoy sitting out in the courtyard, soaking up the sun, snacking on haloumi chips and burgers. It’s a wonderful, relaxed way to spend the time. I think we will be coming here again for Sunday brunch.

We have one last stop for our staycation weekend. Xcape Wellington. Neither of us have done an escape room before, we are not quite sure what to expect but are both looking forward to it. We have chosen one of their easiest rooms (also with a low scare rating, I hate scary things)

We enter the room with no real instructions of what to do, just our wits, intelligence and team work to answer questions and solve puzzles to try and escape the room. We spend the full hour in there and don’t quite manage to conquer it. We do however, finish up still married and liking each other, so I’d say it was a success!

This was another really fun activity and I think we will be going back again to try another one of their rooms.

When we think of holidays, our minds often head straight overseas or to another city away from home. These options are great, but if you do a bit of research and planning, I think you will find all sorts of unique and exciting things to do, right in your back yard.

Have you ever been on a staycation?

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