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90 Mile beach, Northland

Hi, I’m Alana – A kiwi girl who loves her homeland and wants to share it with you.

I live in Wellington, the capital of NZ, with my husband and 2 dogs, Frank and Eddie. Frank is a girl – I let my husband name her – goodness knows why!

One day, I would love to pack my bags and spend a few weeks travelling around the country with Frank and Ed – plan a big holiday that they could come on too, letting them see and smell their way around the country.

A dream to work towards!

I first started blogging in 2017 about my struggles with fertility, IVF and miscarriage. If interested, you can read about that here. That chapter of my life is now over, but I found that I really missed blogging. A chance to explore and share my thoughts and experiences.

With my love of New Zealand, the outdoors and adventures, travel blogging about Aotearoa was a natural next step. A place to share my stories and pictures with like minded souls. Entering into a new year and a new phase of life, January 2020 felt like the right time to start.

If you love the outdoors, adventures and marveling at creation, then you will feel right at home here. Together we will explore far and wide through this beautiful land. Click ‘follow’ to join me on my journeys.