Te Awa Kairangi – a walk along Hutt River

It has been so long since I have been here.

Months in fact.

I want to spend some time exploring places closer to home and to try and see the places as a tourist does. When you see a place over and over again, you can miss the beauty amongst the familiar. I had forgotten how beautiful Te Awa Kairangi is.

Stretching from the Southern Tararua ranges out to Wellington Harbour at Petone, you can walk beside it’s river bank for miles.

I am out with my dogs, Frank and Ed who are having an excellent time. There are so many exciting things for them to sniff. Unfortunately there is a toxic algae that grows in the water during the summer months which is deadly to dogs, so I always avoid the place from November through to April.

Frank and Ed are a bit like toddlers. They are curious and love exploring the world by putting everything in their mouths, so it’s just not worth the risk to take them here in the warmer months.

Its an easy flat walk and I often find I’ll walk to an hour without even realising it, forgetting that this also means and hour walk home! Along the edge of the river bank is the off lead dog walking area, up above is a sealed pavement that makes it a popular route for cyclists. There are also may spots perfect for an afternoon picnic in the sun.

It’s autumn now. The day is still, the river is like a mirror and the trees are a display of autumnal colours. We see lots of bird life, from seagulls and ducks to black swans, pukeko and kereru. Also monarch butterflies. We are so close to the city, but nature abounds.

If I were a tourist, I would think this place was pretty beautiful. As a local (it’s a 5 minute drive from my house) I think I take it for granted sometimes.

What’s on your back doorstep that you have maybe taken for granted?

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