Stunning Lake Tekapo

Day 3 and we are heading to Alexandra. It’s a bit of a grey day, no wind, but rain looks imminent. Fortunately, once out of Christchurch, we are blessed with another beautiful day and bright blue skies.

I have to say, the ride from Christchurch to just before Geraldine is pretty boring – A long straight motorway, a reasonable amount of cars and not much of a view.

We are travelling on our Honda FireBlade – that’s been turbo charged!! (Totally unnecessary, it was already fast enough! Although my mechanic husband would disagree!) She’s a bit old and rough our FireBlade, but, wow, have we had some epic adventures on her!

The best way to roadtrip!

I have been really looking forward to being back in this part of the country. Last time we came down on the motorbike was the first time I had seen the lakes.  I was totally captivated; they are most vibrant shades of blues, framed by snow-capped mountains.

They leave you speechless.

As we approach Lake Tekapo we ride up over the hill and then…


It leaves you breathless

Brilliant blue water contrasting against the dry land, it is breath taking. Tekapo is a very popular tourist destination, but despite the number of people and tour buses, the place still has a beautiful stillness and tranquil feel to it.

The beautiful blue waters of Lake Tekapo

We get off the bike and head to the water’s edge. There is sound of lapping water at the shore, the buzz of insects and alpine flowers growing. I am mesmerised.

The faithful sheepdog keeping watch over the lake
Another one of Daniel’s stunners!

We head over to the Church of the Good Shepherd to get some photos. We are just making a quick stop today, I plan to come back again when we can spend more time. This is such a photographed church and an image I have seen many times before. It’s quite a feeling though when you lift your camera and see that same image through your own lens. I distinctly remember having that same feeling when I took my first photo of the Taj Mahal in India.

Church of the Good Shepherd. I had to wait quite some time to get a shot with no one else in it!

The rest of our ride is through quite barren land, rugged hill sides with splashes of brilliant blue rivers and lakes. We arrive in Alexandra feeling rather sore after a full day riding.

We are greeted by family, who we are staying with for the next few nights and after our hellos, we are all sitting outside in the sun with a glass of wine.

Another great end to another great day in this beautiful country.

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